At a glance

Clients can book these services individually. Duration depends solely on the needs and the amount of work.

For Candidates


My application coaching makes the difference because I myself have the highest quality standards. I know what HR managers and managing directors want to read in your application, what you can expect in very concrete job interviews and what is being tested in aptitude diagnostics including assessment centres. At the same time, I do not overshoot the mark and keep an eye on your professional environment.

Job Application Management

My service:

The more attractive the targeted position, the greater the competition. I know how you can stand out with your written documents – in German and English. In order to succeed in job interviews, we jointly develop a promising marketing strategy. Should you participate in an assessment center or personality test, I am happy to prepare you. Finally, I can also develop promising application strategies for you.

Your benefit:

I offer expertise in all phases of personnel selection procedures. With optimised application documents, you significantly increase your chances of being invited to interviews. In order to prepare you well for this, I sound out what you can expect there and increase your persuasiveness with practical exercises.

Self Marketing

My service:

Many employees and applicants find it difficult to consciously control the perception that other people should have of themselves. The image we have of others exerts an enormous influence on what we believe this person to be capable of – in other words, on whether or not the desired positions are ultimately achieved. Together with you, I will develop an individual self-marketing strategy and show you concrete implementation possibilities both in professional life and in applications.

Your benefit:

If your self-marketing fits the professional goals, an essential condition for their achievement is already fulfilled. With my support, you can broaden your repertoire and apply techniques to professionalize your public image while remaining authentic in your personality.

Vocational Guidance

My service:

A career choice needs to be well thought out, whether it is for entry via vocational training and studies on the one hand or for a change of occupation or intended lateral entry later in life on the other hand. I provide you with an overview of opportunities on the job market and find professions that match your inclinations, interests and personal circumstances. The basis for this is a comprehensive potential analysis.

Your benefit:

Even when you have no idea of your professional future – together we will develop strategies to give you concrete perspectives and a secure feeling. With objective test procedures, you can get to know completely new areas, and we are happy to support you with orientation internships.

All offerings in detail

  • Development of promising application strategies
  • Complete application portfolio check
  • Preparation and optimisation of written application documents, in particular curriculum vitae/resume, cover letter and profile/portfolio
  • Formulation of job references
  • Preparation for concrete job interviews
  • Simulation of and support during salary and contract negotiations
  • Planning of proactive forms of application
  • Preparation for assessment centres of organizations, the public sector and business enterprises
  • Self-marketing – both strategic and operational
  • Support in job search
  • Job market-oriented vocational guidance

Clients can book these services individually. Duration depends solely on the needs and the amount of work.

Information on scope and costs

Since my application coaching always depends on the individual needs of my clients, I ask for your understanding that I can only provide limited information on the scope of time and costs at this point. In principle, the more demanding the professional ambitions are, the more valuable the coaching will be.

The hourly rates vary between 79.00 and 299.00 euros (including VAT) depending on the amount of work involved. I am happy to answer your organisational questions by telephone or email – of course free of charge and without any obligation on your part. As an introductory offer, I offer an application portfolio check in which I give you feedback on the quality of your application documents. The costs for this are a flat rate of 79.00 euros (including VAT).

The services offered here for applicants are generally deductible from income tax as income-related expenses. In the case of persons registered as jobseekers or unemployed, the costs can be borne in full by the responsible employment agency (Arbeitsagentur) or job centre (Jobcenter). This requires the issuance of an activation and placement voucher (Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein/AVGS) which must be applied for in advance.

Please also note my General Terms and Conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen).