“By the end of 2018, I had reviewed, optimized and newly created thousands of application documents, prepared a four-digit number of people for interviews at all career levels, carried out about 500 potential analyses and developed countless career plans.

I accompanied many employees through difficult professional phases, created orientation and increased both confidence and self-confidence.

The satisfaction of my customers is based on the relating success in their professional careers.”

Dr. Markus Karbaum

General Manager

About Dr. Karbaum Consulting & Coaching

Dr. Karbaum Consulting & Coaching was founded in Berlin in 2010 by Dr. Markus Karbaum and has since served a mid-four-digit customer base across industries and career levels. Dr. Karbaum Consulting & Coaching stands out from other coaching providers in several respects. This becomes visible through three essential principles:

Coaching and consulting

go hand in hand. This allows you to benefit from the special experience of your coach, especially in-depth knowledge about the Berlin job market.

Any coaching

is basically result-oriented. The primary aim is to develop practical solutions for you.

If we cannot offer you

any added value, we ourselves have little interest in working together. Only when solutions are on the horizon we tackle the challenge with you.


Dr. Markus Karbaum

General Manager

Carsten Bobinski

Sales Manager

Sopheara Kem

Office Assistant

In our career and application blog you will find further impressions of our philosophy – and certainly information that help you directly.