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Major Publications


Bertelsmann Stiftung, BTI 2018 Country Report — Cambodia. Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2018 (http://www.bti-project.org/en/reports/country-reports/detail/itc/khm/).


Cambodia Breaks With the West. In: https://thediplomat.com/2017/12/cambodia-breaks-with-the-west/.

Democracy in Kingdom dealt a setback. In: http://www.phnompenhpost.com/opinion/democracy-kingdom-dealt-setback.

Kambodscha. In: OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association (Hg.), Wirtschaftshandbuch Asien-Pazifik 2017/2018, pp. 227-236.


Kambodscha: Abriss der demokratischen Fassade. In: Südostasien 3/2016 (http://www.asienhaus.de/fileadmin/uploads/soai/Zeitschrift_SOA/2016/2016-3/SOA_2016-03_Kambodscha.pdf). 
(Cambodia: Demolition of the democratic façade)

Kambodscha. In: OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association (Hg.), Wirtschaftshandbuch Asien-Pazifik 2016/2017, pp. 235-251.

Is Cambodia becoming the sick man of Southeast Asia? In: http://www.newmandala.org/is-cambodia-becoming-the-sick-man-of-southeast-asia/.

The Dynamics of Social Change in Cambodia. Moving away from Traditionalism? In: Internationales Asienforum 46 (3-4), pp. 229-259 (https://asianstudies.arnold-bergstraesser.de/sites/default/files/field/af-download/iqas_2015_autumn_cambodia_karbaum.pdf).

Bertelsmann Stiftung, BTI 2016: Cambodia Country Report. Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2016 (https://www.bti-project.org/en/reports/country-reports/detail/itc/KHM/ity/2016/).


It’s good to talk. In: Southeast Asia Globe, September 2015, pp. 34-35 (http://sea-globe.com/cambodia-culture-of-dialogue-southeast-asia-globe/).

Hun Sens letzter Kampf. In: Asienhaus-Hintergrundinformationen 1/2015, pp. 1-4 (http://www.asienhaus.de/uploads/tx_news/asienhaus-hintergrundinformation1-2015.pdf).
(Hun Sen’s last battle)


The one and only (Hun Sen). In: Southeast Asia Globe, December 2014, pp. 34-37 (http://sea-globe.com/one-hun-sen/).

Die Neuerfindung des Buddhismus in Kambodscha. In: Südostasien 3/2014, pp. 10-12 (http://www.asienhaus.de/fileadmin/uploads/soai/Zeitschrift_SOA/2014/2014-3/SOA_2014-03_karbaum_markus_web.pdf).
(The reinvention of Buddhism in Cambodia)

Stuck in the middle with you. In: Southeast Asia Globe, July 2014, pp. 32-33 (http://sea-globe.com/stuck-in-the-middle-with-you-cambodia-foreign-policy/).


New Order. Values are changing in Cambodia, but does that indicate a significant urban-rural divide? In: Southeast Asia Globe, December 2013, pp. 34-35 (http://sea-globe.com/new-order-cambodia-values-urban-rural-divide/).

The election: ten things we learned. In: Southeast Asia Globe, September 2013, pp. 28-29 (http://sea-globe.com/cambodia-election-2013/).
Kambodscha hat gewählt – und steht vor einer ungewissen Zukunft. In: http://www.boell.de/weltweit/asien/asien-kambodscha-gewaehlt-steht-vor-ungewissen-zukunft-18320.html.
Cambodia has voted – and faces an uncertain future. In: http://www.boell.de/worldwide/asia/asia-elections-cambodia-german-development-programs-18336.html.

Kambodscha vor den Parlamentswahlen: Nichts dem Zufall oder den Wählern überlassen. In: http://www.boell.de/weltweit/asien/asien-kambodscha-nichts-dem-zufall-oder-dem-waehler-ueberlassen-17981.html
Cambodia before the parliamentary elections: Leave nothing to chance or the voters. In: http://www.boell.de/worldwide/asia/asia-cambodia-parliamentary-elections-leave-nothing-to-chance-or-the-voters-18017.html.

When the whistle blows. Bending the rules to serve its interests, Cambodia’s ruling party is unlikely to lose the political game. In: Southeast Asia Globe, July 2013, p. 36 (http://sea-globe.com/when-the-whistle-blows/).

The Paper Trail. More than 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, East Germany’s Stasi files are still throwing up some surprises – not least for those living in Cambodia. In: Southeast Asia Globe, April 2013, pp. 30-33 (http://sea-globe.com/stasi-files-cambodia/).

Like father, unlike son. While Cambodia waits for King Sihamoni to emerge from the shadow of his father, the Kingdom’s monarchy is withering. In: Southeast Asia Globe, February 2013, p. 34 (http://sea-globe.com/like-father-unlike-son/).


Kings of their castles. A tendency to look out for number one has left the ten-member Asean bloc in a shambles. In: Southeast Asia Globe, December 2012, pp. 34-35 (http://sea-globe.com/kings-of-their-castles/).

Cambodia’s Façade Democracy and European Assistance. In: Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 30 (4), pp. 111-143 (http://hup.sub.uni-hamburg.de/giga/jsaa/article/view/503/501).


An uneasy peace. Twenty years ago the Paris Peace Accords promised a new dawn for Cambodia. How has the country fared? In: Southeast Asia Globe, October 2011, pp. 28-31 (http://cambodianewsdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/2011_karbaum_paris-peace-accords.pdf).

Thailand nach den Wahlen. Suche nach Einheit in einem zerrissenen Land. In: SWP-Aktuell 45, http://www.swp-berlin.org/fileadmin/contents/products/aktuell/2011A45_wll_karbaum_ks.pdf (mit Gerhard Will).
(Thailand after the elections. Search for unity in a divided nation)

Die Bedeutung sozialer Hierarchien für Anrede, Grüße und Begrüßung in Kambodscha. In: http://cambodianewsdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/karbaum_die-bedeutung-sozialer-hierarchien-fc3bcr-anrede-grc3bcc39fe-und-begrc3bcc39fung-in-kambodscha.pdf.
(The meaning of social hierarchies for salutation, respects and greeting in Cambodia)


Cambodia’s desired Cooperation with East Germany’s Stasi in the 1980s: the History of failed Requests. In: http://cambodianewsdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/2010_karbaum_cambodia_s-desired-cooperation-with-east-germany_s-stasi.pdf.


Kambodscha unter Hun Sen. Informelle Institutionen, Politische Kultur und Herrschaftslegitimität. Münster/Hamburg/Berlin/Wien/London: LIT-Verlag.
(Cambodia under Hun Sen. Informal Institutions, Political Culture and Legitimacy of Power)

Kambodscha nach den Parlamentswahlen: Reform oder Stillstand? In: http://cambodianewsdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/karbaum_kambodscha-nach-den-parlamentswahlen-2008-reform-oder-stillstand.pdf.
(Cambodia after the parliamentary elections: Reform or Stagnancy?)


Kambodscha: Die Ex-Kommunisten bitten zur Kommunalwahl. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen 5/07, pp. 105-127, http://www.kas.de/wf/de/33.11163/.
(Cambodia: The Ex-Communists invite for Commune Elections)


Die dritten Parlamentswahlen nach dem Neubeginn in Kambodscha – Der lange Weg zu demokratischer Normalität. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen 12/03, pp. 66-82, http://www.kas.de/wf/de/33.3680/ (mit Peter Köppinger).
(The third parliamentary elections after the restart in Cambodia – The long way to democratic normality)

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